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For most of us, our homes are our biggest investment, and the roof is its main line of defense. Repairing or replacing a damaged roof in a timely manner is a great way to protect and increase the value of your biggest investment. Whether it’s a small repair after a hail or wind storm or an entirely new roof,  DB Exteriors will be on your side to get your roof in prestine shape.


Knowing how old your roof is and the material it’s made of are good indicators for knowing when it’s time to replace it. Typically, asphalt shingle roofs last 20 – 25 years. If your roof has suffered damage or you aren’t sure when the roof on your house was last replaced, there are some signs of wear and tear you can look for.

  • Buckled shingles: Moisture from your attic causes buckled shingles and if you notice buckling or curving shingles, it’s time to replace the roof.
  • Granule build-up in the gutters: If your roof is losing its granules, you will see them piling up in the gutters. Lost granules mean decreased weatherproofing properties, and is a sign that your roof needs repair.
  • Missing shingles: Missing shingles should be an obvious sign that you need a new roof – they easily let water into your home. Check your roof for missing shingles every so often.
  • Algae growth: When bacteria eats away at your shingles, algae starts growing. The algae wear down the weatherproofing properties, causing black tar streaking.
  • Moisture: Indoor moisture build-up is the enemy of roofs. Improperly vented attics can allow the growth of mold, a dangerous health hazard that rots the plywood underneath your roof. If you notice signs of mold or mildew in the attic, you might want to look into getting a new roof.
  • Different attic temperature: Your attic’s temperate should be the same as the outside temperature – the sign of proper ventilation. If your attic is poorly ventilated and thus warmer than outside during winter, it could lead to ice dams on your roof. Check your roof’s ridge vent to ensure it’s removing excess heat and moisture.
  • High energy bills: If your roof is poorly vented and insulated, energy could be escaping, leading to high heating and cooling bills. If you notice your bills going up excessively, your roof might be the cause of the problem and need replacing.
  • Leaky chimney: If your roof and chimney haven’t been properly flashed, you might see water leaking around your chimney. If your previous roofing contractor didn’t use a leak barrier to seal off leaks, your home could be exposed to the elements.

At DB Home Remodeling Solutions we’re roofing experts. If you notice anything unusual about your roof, give us a call right away and we’ll be happy to do a no-cost, no-obligation inspection.


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    We guarantee your roof from the labor to the materials and we will fix the problem, no matter what it takes.

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    Our company has stood through tough times and will be here for the long run because we provide our customers with amazing service every time.

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    For your security and convenience, our employees are checked and verified. Every employee that works on your roof will be on our payroll.


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Roofing Services

We at DB Home Remodeling Solutions are very proud of our hard earned reputation. We offer top quality property construction services at competitive prices.With many years experience behind us we are providing the best services you can get.Our team of professionals are highly skilled and the best in all they do.

Mark S

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“ DB Roofing was such a pleasure to work with. They have replaced multiple roofs in my neighborhood before I eventually needed one for my house and everyone who has worked with them has been completely satisfied. Dave handles every aspect thoroughly and will work with your insurance company if needed. He has multiple shingle options through Owens Corning to help ensure you choose the right shingle for your house design. I would highly recommend! ”

Michelle Varner

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“ David and his team were professional, quick, and clean. When other contractors made promises and didn’t follow through, we jumped at the chance to have DB step in. Not only did they provide temporary repairs to our roof, they worked with our insurance company to get a whole new roof expedited - including removal of old shingles & underpayment, replacement of rotted sheathing, installation of upgraded 50 yr shingles, and clean up all in one day! Our advice: go local with someone who cares. David is easy to work with, does quality work at a fair price, and is definitely the man for our future home repairs/remodels. ”

J Weglarz

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“ Dave and his crew are excellent. They are very efficient & work very hard. The product they use is of great quality. Would use again for sure ”

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